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Independent Tag Manager

Increase your agility and avoid lock-in to big vendor stacks by choosing an independent tag manager specifically designed to manage all vendor tags.

User-Friendly Interface

Quickly customize, test and deploy tags across websites and mobile applications. Inject data using data objects and apply business rules to control tag execution. 

Mobile Tag Management

Speed up your mobile application development workflow with SuperTag’s iOS and Android SDK integrations and avoid the app approval process for tag updates.

Extensive Tag Library

SuperTag's tag library has over 400 individual tags across 200 applications and 100 vendors. We can also add additional tags for you within 24 hours. 

SuperTag Utilities

The tag library also contains additional utilities such as the ability to track exit links, read/write cookies, enable redirects, inject/replace HTML, EU cookie management and more.

Ultra-Fast Multi-CDN Tag Delivery

Our multi-CDN solution is fully redundant and loads tags from the users closest server location. This is the fastest and most reliable infrastructure available for hosting your tags.

Tag Delivery Optimized for China

Our CDN solution offers server locations inside the Chinese firewall, meaning it is much faster to load tags for users in China compared to other platforms. 

Smallest JS File on the Market 

Ensure your website users get the fastest possible load times. SuperTag has the smallest compressed file load size compared to other enterprise tag management solutions.  

Outsourced Tag Management

We provide enterprise grade, full-service tag management at a flat annual fee with free implementation and migration, so your team can focus on boosting the bottom line.

API for 3rd Party Integrations

Our API enables bulk tag management through integration with other platforms. This feature allows you to automatically deploy and edit tags across hundreds of websites easily.  

Bulk Tag Edits + Deployment

If you don't have the skills to set up an API, you can bulk manage and automate tags using our simple Google Sheets integration instead.

Ad Blocker Detection

SuperTag can detect visitors who are using an ad blocker on your site and allow you to change their user experience according to your business strategy.

Geo-Location Detection

Personalize your visitors website experience based on their geographic location. This feature is included in the Supertag premium package at no additional cost.  

Personalize Website Content

In addition to managing tags, SuperTag can also be used to change the website content and enhance the user experience using advanced business rules.

RapidFire for AB/MV Tests

RapidFire is our lean container designed specifically for AB and MV testing. This container will handle content loading smoothly with no delays or glitches for the website visitor.

Zapier Webhook Integrations

Send data on key website and mobile app events into any major CRM (or other) platform supported by Zapier using a simple SuperTag webhook mechanism.

Turn Page Elements into Data

SuperTag allows you to turn any page element (cookies, URL parameters and any other DOM elements) into data objects that can be used in business rules and injected into tags.  

Flexible Business Rule Builder

Build complex business rules using any page element or data object with and/or conditions, as well as nested business rules. 

Configure Tags on Live Website

Make edits to tags while you are browsing your live website to help you correctly identify page elements and configure tags easily. 

LiveTesting before Deployments

Preview and test the tags live on your website before you deploy to ensure they function correctly and reduce the risk of errors going live. 

Enterprise Security Features

Maintain code security with enterprise features such as limiting access by IP address range and tag vendor blacklisting and whitelisting.  

Code Audits + Comparison

Got a problem on the site from your last deployment? Find and fix the problem in minutes using the code audits and comparison tool.

Email Alerts + Updates

Stay secure with email alerts and updates based on activity and changes to the tags on your site. 

IoT, Big Data, BigQuery + Splunk

Use the SuperTag and DataCollector to send website and mobile app event data straight into Google BigQuery or log file analysis platforms such as Splunk.

Tag Monitoring (Beta)

Enable monitoring on all or just a few select tags in the SuperTag and have the OptimaHub TagMonitor platform, report on and alert you to statistical anomalies.


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