The State of Attribution: Why Attribution? What Works? What are the Barriers? How to Start?

You understand the importance of accurate media measurement but are not quite sure what the challenges are? Datalicious and Econsultancy teamed up to survey hundreds of marketers to establish the current state and provide some guidance.



The study, first of its kind in APAC, found that while most marketers understand the importance and potential benefits of media attribution, there is still a significant knowledge gap in market and many conflicting messages which make it hard to get started and decide on the best approach that will yield results fast while minimising risks.

Most Effective Attribution Models

While first click or first touch still remain the most commonly used approaches despite their inaccuracies, the majority of marketers agrees that the most effective method is to instead develop a custom attribution model for their specific business, channel mix and customer segments. Simply put, every business is different, has different limitations and objectives and operates in a different environment and therefore a one-fits-all approach is unlikely to yield results but may even lead to misguided decisions. 

Preferred Attribution Vendors

While the usual suspects still top the list of preferred attribution vendors, Datalicious is proud to announce that we have made it into the top 3 preferred attribution vendors in APAC! We like to think that independent advice free of any hidden agendas is paramount for the long-term success of any attribution program and it looks like more and more marketers are coming around to that way of thinking and are seeing value in engaging independent attribution specialists such as Datalicious.

Even though not all marketers are using a custom attribution model for maximum accuracy yet, most recognises the need and potential benefits which is half the battle. There simply is no better way to ensure you boost your return on ad spend.