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Marketing Data Specialists

Datalicious is a global data analytics agency that helps marketers improve customer journeys through the implementation of smart data driven marketing strategies. Our team of marketing data specialists offer a wide range of skills suitable for any challenge and cover everything from web analytics to data engineering, data science and software development.


For Any Data Maturity Stage

Datalicious offers products and services for businesses at any data maturity stage, whether you are just starting out and need help with your overall data strategy or are more advanced in your data analytics journey and are looking for specialists in marketing attribution and predictive modeling.

The Datalicious guys are great to work along side […] ‘no stone unturned’ approach to finding solutions.
— Vodafone
Datalicious quickly earned our respect and confidence […] deliver value, push our thinking.
— Suncorp

Data Strategy + Workshops

Every business wants to realise the full potential of its data assets but where do you start? Datalicious can help assess your current situation and develop a roadmap.

  • Data maturity assessments
  • Data strategy development
  • Data workshops

Web + Mobile Analytics

Websites and mobile apps are crucial to successful customer journeys and no matter what platform you are using, we can turn your data into into actionable insights.

  • Tag audits + best practice reviews
  • Web + mobile app analytics projects
  • Google, Adobe, WebTrends, etc

Testing + Experience Optimization

Boost brand engagement and sales by personalising, testing and optimizing all touchpoints along your customers path to purchase no matter what platform.

  • AB/MV testing + optimization
  • Cross-channel personalization
  • Google, Adobe, Optimizely, VWO, etc

Marketing Attribution + Mix Modeling

How do you invest your advertising budget to maximise sales? Let our data scientists provide the answer using marketing attribution and media mix modeling.

  • Online + offline channel attribution
  • Interactive spend optimizer tools
  • OptimaHub, Google, Adobe, etc


Predictive Models + Segmentation

Develop and automate advanced predictive models across multiple data sources to start taking proactive action in optimizing your customer journey.

    • Predicting churn + next best action
    • RFM etc segmentation + targeting 
    • Experience design + automation

    Customer Journey + Single View

    An increasingly complex customer journey with more and more channels make it crucial to eliminate data silos and create a single view to take action.

    • Cross-channel integration + targeting
    • Campaign + experience optimization
    • OptimaHubGoogle, Adobe, etc

    Big Data + Cloud Computing

    No matter what the challenge, our data engineers can help you stay ahead of the game by utilising the latest in big data innovation across the major clouds.

      Outsourced Tag Management

      Poorly managed tags negatively impact user experience and data accuracy. Our tagging specialist can help avoid this and do so cheaper than you can yourself. 

      • SuperTag, Google, Tealium, etc
      • Including regular tag audits
      • Fixed annual support fees

      Dashboards + Reporting

      Share the insights that matter with your whole business. Our specialists can set-up custom reports on your preferred tech stack across multiple data sources.

      • ETL + data warehousing
      • Report design + automation
      • R, D3, Plotly, Tableau, etc

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