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Optimise the customer journey with multi-touch attribution

The OptimaHub multi-touch attribution solution can help marketers understand what touch-points are helping to drive conversions and sales and which touch-points may have a negative impact on the journey.

Optimise your marketing budget with OptimaHub

OptimaHub helps marketers reduce ad waste, optimise ad spend and drive sustainable long-term growth by delivering a clearer understanding of the full impact their marketing actions may have on consumer behavior and loyalty.

CMOs - accelerate business growth with OptimaHub

Precisely know and understand what marketing initiatives generate the greatest ROI across all channels.

Identity management is key to attribution

Identity matching and management helps identify the touchpoints driving sales and conversions... and those that aren't.

Multi-touch attribution and the customer journey

How are evolving attribution models changing to meet increasingly digital and fragmented media spends?

The steps to implementing OptimaHub

Discover the steps involved in implementing our robust marketing attribution capabilities.

Enhance attribution insights

Find out how pairing unique data assets with robust attribution insights can help boost your marketing effectiveness.

Actionable marketing insights for all levels

OptimaHub can provide a variety of out-of-the box and custom reports and dashboards for robust insights about the effectiveness of touchpoints on the customer journey.

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