Upgrading your Google Analytics license to Analytics 360 will unlock extra features and reports, while expanding the limitations on the free version. This includes getting access to custom dimensions, custom metrics, funnel reports as well as combining your data across first and third-party sources with offline data.

These extra features allow you to analyse data with a reduced sampling threshold, so you can evaluate the performance of your campaigns and use insights to make faster, smarter, decisions to optimise your marketing activities across multiple channels.

Yes, we track multiple conversion points and potentially even have a unique modelling methodology for each differing conversion point.

Yes, we can design raw data output to feed into third party visualisation and BI tools for visualisation and reporting purposes.

Yes, we work with you to understand the specific use case for this and design an output as required.

With rich data insights at your fingertips, you can make decisions on how to allocate your marketing and advertising budget in the most effective way to drive sales. You can also determine which campaigns and channels over-and-underperform, driving the best possible ROI for your business.

Based on the modelling required, the output from a Datalicious Media Attribution project is customised to suit your specific objectives and goals. Often the first output is raw, attributed data. The second output might be a highly tailored attribution insight report presented as part of a workshop. The third output could be the OptimaHub user-friendly attribution dashboard.

Our Media Attribution models are purpose-built for each of our clients and their specific user behaviours. We use a Hidden Markov Modelling approach as the basis and customise accordingly.

Yes, we can stitch offline touch points into attributed paths to purchase by using unique URLs, unique search terms or QR codes. These are likely to have varying levels of success dependant on brand awareness. We also recommend alternative approaches such as Media Mix Modelling.

Datalicious can typically measure any digital advertising channel subject to the tools and platforms being used to serve this advertising. The most common channels we track in the digital space include search, video, display, social and email.

Our attribution projects use multi-touch tracking and attribution rather than the less reliable last click and first click methodologies. Where these traditional methods are unable to measure the value of any exposure before the last (or first) click, multi-touch attribution provides a full view of the consumer’s path to conversion.

With multi-touch attribution, you gain a deeper understanding of the media that consumers have been exposed to, with credit given where it is due to those touch points and their associated channels and campaigns.

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