Comparing Media Budget Allocation to Consumer Media Consumption


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Only 1 in 3 Marketers Match Their Media Spend Allocation to Where Consumers Spend Their Time

Datalicious and Econsultancy explore the greatest challenge facing marketers and agencies - how to allocate their marketing and advertising budgets in the most effective way to drive sales, gain competitive advantage and generate ROI.


As a proxy for effective budget allocation, we conducted a global survey of >1,000 marketers and combined it with extensive desk research to establish whether marketers are actually spending their advertising budget in the channels consumers are spending their time. The results were surprising and varied greatly by region but overall it seems that a lack of accurate attribution and measurement is still causing in-effective allocation of funds - a significant opportunity for improvement!

Exact Budget Splits by Country

The research reveals the exact marketing budget splits by country and compares is to the time spend in the same channels by consumers around the world.

  • USA: Bucking the trend, underspending offline
  • Australia/New Zealand: More traditional than average
  • UK/EU: Over-invested in print, broadcast still strong
  • India: Half of media spend misallocated
  • Singapore: Overspending on print
  • And more ...

Mechanics of Budget Allocation

Budgets are still largely allocated on the basis of historical performance and subjective opinions rather than hard facts from accurate attribution, with only 25% of executives surveyed saying that they base their media mix and budget allocation decision on some form of ROI measurement.

Most marketers are experimenting, which is great, but accurate measurement is crucial for an effective test and learn approach. Unfortunately, this report shows that most are not yet using an accurate attribution methodology hence are likely to make the wrong calls based on their current test results.