Vendor Independence

Datalicious does not own any media or earn any commission on media bought. This independence enables us to deliver you an accurate and unbiased view of media performance.

ROI, ROAS + ROMI Reporting

We can provide marketing performance dashboards in near real-time customized to your requirements including reporting in ROI, ROAS and ROMI format.

Wide Range of Reports

We've categorized our reporting suite into four simple sections including 'What happened?', 'Why did it happen?, 'What should happen?' and 'Data transparency & quality'.

Custom Attribution Models (HMM)

Each client gets a custom Hidden Markov Model (HMM) built on their data. HMM is the most accurate model as it is not linear and continues to learn and evolve with your business. 

Customer Journey Stage Modeling

In addition to ROI results, our HMM model can provide brand campaign results on customer journey stage activity such as moving customers from awareness to engagement stage.

Paid, Earned + Owned Channels

Our model is flexible and can include any type of data that your business uses. We can include reporting for paid channels, as well as owned and earned channels. 

Digital + Physical Channels

We have the capability to include physical channels such as TV, radio and press and we can combine this with digital channels to give you a holistic view across online and offline.

User + Event Level Modeling

Instead of using aggregate data, our model is built at the most granular level by using individual user and event data. This enables more flexible analysis and accurate modelling.

Equifax IXI + CRM Segments

Understand if you are attracting the right segments in addition to generating ROI. Our platform can include segments from your CRM or 3rd parties such as Equifax in the modelling. 

Optimal Spend Scenarios

Whether you have a revenue target, a sales target or a cost effectiveness target, this feature will split your budget into the various channels and confirm if you have sufficient budget. 

Spend Recommendations

Get spend recommendations on campaigns and keywords at a detailed level. This feature will help your agency partners understand exactly how much to spend and on what activity. 

Spend Optimizer + Forecasting

A planning tool for you and your agency to see what would happen if you changed spend and tried a different channel mix if the optimal spend recommendations are not feasible. 

Bid Optimisation (Beta)

We have the capability to automatically adjust bids to maximize performance. Optimizations can be based on either ROI results or the propensity to convert.

Deterministic Cross-Device

Join purchase paths across devices. We can either use your own ID points or integrate with Facebook (open beta) to measure people across devices and combine their paths.

Probabilistic Cross-Device

If we can't directly identify the user, deterministic cross-device path data is used to build a probabilistic model that predicts if the users are the same person across devices. 

Ad Viewability + Ad Blocking

We filter out ad impressions that were not viewed, either because they were blocked by software or weren't seen in the browser, ensuring the accuracy of our model and results.

Ad Fraud Analysis

Our data scientists have written algorithms that can determine and report on whether activity is a true consumer visit or if it is potentially fraudulent activity. 

Data Quality + Tag Monitoring

A big part of attribution is getting quality data. If garbage goes in, then garbage comes out. We've created this tool to specifically help monitor tags and ensure the quality of data.

Flexible Cloud Platform

We built our platform on the latest big data cloud technology. meaning we can be highly flexible whether it is bringing your own data or integrating the data into existing systems.

BI Integration + Custom Reports

Access and report on your raw media attribution and marketing mix modeling data in any business intelligence platform for easy integration with other business reports.

Full-Service Support

We provide you with support through every step of the process with our dedicated client services team as well as access to our data engineers and data scientists.

Including Tag Management

Media attribution requires the set up and ongoing management of tags to ensure quality data is collected. We can provide you with full service tag management. 


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