Media Budgets Index: Comparing media budget allocation to media consumption

Only one in three marketers match their media spend to where customers actually spend their time

Datalicious and Econsultancy explore the greatest challenges facing marketers and planners—which media channels are consumers spending time on and how to effectively allocate budget to the right channels.

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The first global trends report of its kind, Media Budgets Index: Comparing media budget allocation to media consumption, found only one in three marketers around the world match their media spend to where customers actually spend their time.

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The report, based on a global survey, desk research and in-depth interviews with executives across the UK, EMEA, US and Asia Pacific, questions the extent to which marketers are looking at the relationship between media spend and where consumers are spending their time, and compares this across regions.

In this whitepaper, you will learn:

What best describes your planned media spend for the following channels in 2016?

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The state of marketing and media planning

The extensive research revealed the exact percentage difference in budget allocation and consumer time spent with the following key takeaways:

  • Singapore: Overspending on print
  • India: Half of media spend misallocated
  • US: Bucking the trend; underspending offline
  • Australia and New Zealand: More traditional than the average
  • UK: Overinvested in print; broadcast still strong

Download the report for the full financial and percentage figures.

Which factors best describe your organisation’s approach to allocating digital media spend?


How marketers are deciding on budget allocations

Budgets are still largely allocated on the basis of historical performance rather than customer behaviour or external insights, with only 31% of executives surveyed saying they base their media spend on customer time spent in each channel.

“This report demonstrates how many are still experimenting in the digital space. The ability to test and learn means advertisers can see what works best. It is difficult to manage the growing range of channels without a clear understanding of how each element plays its part in achieving the final outcome. For that, more marketers need to embrace sophisticated attribution modelling.”

Christian Bartens, CEO, Datalicious

Rock on

There were almost 1000 senior marketing respondents to the research request, which took the form of an online survey during January and March 2016. Contact Datalicious to learn more about effective attribution modelling and media mix modelling.

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