Predictive Analytics

Reduce churn and maximise customer value
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Know your customer.

Predictive analytics is a process that creates a statistical model of future behaviour. It’s an area of data mining concerned with forecasting probabilities and market trends.

Our predictive analytics services can be used for a variety of applications, from product suggestions to customer acquisition and retention. We worked with Possible to produce a prediction or Audi purchases and repurchases over a period of time.

predictive analytics
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Reduce Churn

As part of our SuperTag and DataCollector services, our clients have used predictive analytics to predict next best product as part of up-sell/cross-sell promotions.

With Luxottica we were able to model customer churn from our data mining services, allowing Luxottica to predict customers about to churn and proactively target customers to increase retention.

Luxottica analytics and modelling based on historic transaction data predicted store migration with 85% accuracy resulting in cost savings and an increase in client reactivation with an overall project ROI of 667%.

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