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Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is a process that creates a statistical model of future behaviour. It’s an area of data mining concerned with forecasting probabilities and market trends. Our predictive analytics services can be used for a variety of applications, from product suggestions to customer acquisition and retention.

predictive analytics to reduce customer churn

inform marketing strategy with data visualisation

Data Visualisation

Data visualisation is the creation or representation of data in a visual form. It is simply a means of understanding information quickly and more easily. Find out more about our data visualisation services and how they can be used to draw business insights quickly and easily.

Social Media Analytics

Datalicious can setup and provide analytics tools that can measure and visualise your social engagement, adding value and insights to your reporting. Utilising social media analytics and producing data visualisations opens up insights to a larger group of your organisation, particularly those who are visually stimulated.

social media analytics and social media roi

marketing dashboards and reporting

Dashboards & Reporting

Datalicious use many data mining tools and dashboards to collect and visualise your data. Working with a team that knows how to model and visualise your data helps you see how your marketing investment is contributing to your business strategies and help you make smart business decisions based on solid business intelligence.

Media Attribution

Media attribution allows businesses to give a value to every single touch point leading to the purchase. From social and email to paid advertising and direct site visits. Understanding how your customer purchases can lead to better marketing spend and more targeted campaigns.

optimise media spend with media attribution

media mix modelling

Media Mix Modelling

Media mix modelling allows us to predict future sales using a media model based on historical media investment data. Teams can find the best investment levels to meet various strategic and tactical objectives by predicting potential sales for various media budget scenarios.

Customer Segmentation

A lot of the money spent on marketing campaigns gets wasted due to poor demographic segmentation. Our Insights team plan, research and implement a segmentation strategy that will more accurately identify your consumers, allowing you to allocate your resources more appropriately across your consumer demographics and marketing mix.

power customer insights with customer segmentation

data strategy and roadmapping

Data Strategy

Datalicious can establish a roadmap for your data by analysing your business model and implementing best-practice data applications to achieve marketing strategy objectives. Our strategies define a set of best practice data, technology and resource requirements and include a gap analysis to compare the current state to the ideal state.

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