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Marketing Is All About The Data

In today’s marketing world, marketers are faced with an ever-growing universe of analytics and a wealth of data, but when it’s distributed and across varying systems and channels, key insights are becoming lost. Datalicious works with all of your data to deliver a single source of truth in marketing performance.

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Think Customers, Not Devices

We know the purchase journey is becoming more fragmented across devices, so how do you know which touch points influenced the final purchase? Datalicious identifies and maps interactions across devices,from smartphones to desktops, with universal identification that allows for a holistic view of user engagement.

Data-driven Actionable Insights

Attribution insights are only worthwhile if they’re presented in a way that can help drive everyday business and marketing decision-making. Datalicious’ media attribution services gives your organisation the power to own and put into use our media performance measurements.

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Media Attribution Whitepapers

In the Datalicious Optimising digital marketing spend in Financial Services Study, we analysed 702 million media touch points across 104 million purchase paths and 75 thousand conversions across five months and seven brands to understand the true impact of digital media channels and the efficiencies to be gained by stepping away from traditional last-click style attribution.

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It’s time for marketers to mix-up their love affair with search advertising when allocating media budgets.Accurate attribution results from the study demonstrate that display and Facebook ads should be credited for 830% more revenue on average than previously thought.

Find out how display advertising has come to be undervalued in a last-click attribution model, and how actioning actioning multi-touch attribution insights can improve overall ROAS.

“Datalicious are helping us to move from a last click campaign measurement model to a more accurate media attribution approach [...] potential to significantly change our media planning in order to boost performance across channels. Highly recommended.”

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