Data Visualisation

Understand complex data through visualisation
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Visualising Data

Data visualisation is the creation or representation of data in a visual form. It is simply a means of understanding information quickly and more easily.

Infographics are becoming increasingly popular as viral-sharing tools, often explaining complex data analysis as simple graphic representations.


Finding The Insights

We’ve produced data visualisations for the SBS, The Age and The Herald Sun and these visualisations have provided valuable insights for each organisation.

When our Head of Insights Michael Savio moved from Melbourne to Sydney, he conducted a quick data analysis of local weather history to compare if Sydney’s weather was better than Melbourne’s. The data visualisation speaks for itself.

Analysis of 60,000 Tweets from the controversial SBS TV show ‘Go Back To Where You Came From’ visualising the major topics and how they were related which highlighted some interesting insights.

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