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Simplified testing and personalisation

Execute various tests on your website while having a full control over your own processes to deliver a personalised experience for your visitors and maximise conversions. Optimize 360 allows you to easily create A/B, multivariate or redirect tests to uncover the right online experiences for your customers.

Advanced testing and easy deployment

Optimize 360 features raw HTML and JavaScript code editing that allows you to experiment with more advanced changes. The build-in native statistical reporting on your Analytics 360 data allows marketers to analyse experiment results and deploy the best variant with a few simple clicks.

Make your data actionable

Collect, unify and activate your customer data to unlock its value by transforming your data into actionable insights in one consolidated view. Test with native Analytics 360 integrations.

Employ easy experimentation to create content that matters

Personalise the entire customer experience on your site from first touch through conversion because Optimize 360 enables you to custom build your audience in Analytics 360 to create effective personalised content.

Expert implementation and support

Datalicious certified consultants provide implementation & ongoing account support combined with Datalicious valued-added services at no extra cost to maximise benefit from the platform.

What our customers say


“SuperTag speeds up tag implementation and gives us increased flexibility [...] manage media and website analytics [...].”
“Datalicious’ Supertag was the perfect solution. [...] I highly recommend Datalicious for any large corporate [...].”
“[...] Datalicious has been invaluable in finding solutions to our challenges and in helping us push the boundaries [...].”

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