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Understand true marketing performance

Gain an unbiased perspective of how channels work together to impact conversion allowing you to optimise your marketing spend and reveal the real value of your marketing.

Optimise marketing spend for all channels

Uncover insights, understand the impact of your marketing efforts on the customer journey, and credit the channels that drives conversions to optimise your marketing spend and drive ROI with advanced algorithmic media attribution.

Action your marketing performance reporting

Unify and analyse all your available data streams with data-driven attribution, marketing mix modelling, and TV attribution to create a streamlined view of all performance metrics and accurate model of your marketing efforts. Google ad stack integration allows for enhanced bidding automation as well as offline conversion connection.

Benefit from a dependable measurement approach

Attribution 360 uses a data-driven algorithmic approach that processes first and third-party data to measure the impact of each ad on the conversion when it’s included (or not) in a particular sequence so you feel confident about the effectivity of your cross-channel decisions for greater revenue. Attribution 360’s advanced machine learning models sort through the digital noise to compute the impact of website and search query after TV sports air at the most granular level.

Get a clear view of what marketing works for better a customer experience

Capture individual journey at the customer and device level to alleviate cookie issues, mobile blind spots and double-vision so you can enjoy accurate attribution modelling and get insights across all channels and recommendations based on your business needs.

Expert implementation and support

Datalicious certified consultants provide implementation & ongoing account support combined with Datalicious valued-added services at no extra cost to maximise benefit from the platform.

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“SuperTag speeds up tag implementation and gives us increased flexibility [...] manage media and website analytics [...].”
“Datalicious’ Supertag was the perfect solution. [...] I highly recommend Datalicious for any large corporate [...].”
“[...] Datalicious has been invaluable in finding solutions to our challenges and in helping us push the boundaries [...].”

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