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supertag enterprise tag management

SuperTag is an industry leading enterprise tag management platform that works to simplify data collection and improve marketing strategy. By using SuperTag, you can simplify your tag management, increase website performance, widen the conversion funnel and improve your digital marketing effectiveness.

supertag enterprise tag management system


optimahub advanced marketing analytics platform
optimahub advanced marketing analytics

The OptimaHub captures user data from prospects and customers across all channels and devices to deliver advanced marketing analytics. Use OptimaHub to optimise the customer and experience and predict next best action or analyse purchase path data to deliver multi-channel media attribution and maximise ROI.


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DataCollector is a secure, highly scalable, cost-effective data collection platform purpose-built for attribution tracking. Suck in granular purchase path data from any media channel and store in our secure data storage platform.

datacollector large scale data collector


action insights with dataexchange
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Action data insights across platforms and domains with DataExchange. Push insights to campaign tools and build the customer experience in real-time by exposing predictions to SuperTag for real-time suggestions.