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Google Analytics reports delivered to your inbox 

e-alerts by Datalicious



Are you suffering from data overload? In a rush to digest all the reports, we often overlook the most obvious operational metrics (#sessions, #conversions, top channels for conversion, top regions and segments etc). It is very important to stay on top of these metrics and to share Google Analytics reports and dashboards with internal stakeholders.

Datalicious has developed a new automated tool that delivers the periodic reports straight to your inbox called e-alerts. This tool also eliminates the need of sharing any dashboards and assigning GA permissions to the internal stakeholders.

In addition to sending periodic reports to your inbox, e-alerts notifies you of any abnormal occurrences or deviations instantly. For example, you can receive notifications of changes to GoogleBigQuery hits, a sudden spike in traffic based on region,  or a sudden decline in the conversions for a particular product category.

This tool is incredibly flexible and can be customized to suit your reporting requirements.

Custom Groups

You can define custom groups (users/teams) to send alerts for a particular event or series of events. Groups can be created based on administrative roles, department names or other criteria.

You have the option of creating custom groups and sharing separate metrics and reports to each group.


Custom filters also ensure to alert different users based on incident type and severity.

Varied use cases

One of our clients reported frequent Google BigQuery charges due to a lack of tracking on their hits. With e-alerts, our client is now triggering an automated email alert whenever Google Big Query crosses a threshold that results in additional charges. 

 GBQ billing report received as the email notification

GBQ billing report received as the email notification


Advantages of e-alerts

  1. Custom monitoring - Define simple and flexible alert filtering so that you can disregard the noise in your GA setup and focus on what is important for you and your team.
  2. Group notifications - Send notifications to several users at once using email.
  3. Improved response time - Implement action plans and drive results based on notifications.
  4. Prioritized alerts - Monitor, act on and track alerts and notifications. Use alert severities to prioritize your to-do list.
  5. Ease of reference - Datalicious Alert Emails aid in easy reference. Emails that have been sent and received can be stored, and searched through safely and easily.
  6. Instant access - Email allows for instant access to information. You can opt to send yourself notifications and keep messages so that you have a paper trail of events and interactions just in case you may need them in the future.

How is it configured?

The tool will be set up in 4 simple steps 

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Define the key metrics

  • What are you/your team’s focus while using GA?
  • Do you have targets that your team is working to attain & would like to measure on an on-going access?
  • What are your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)?

Set the threshold & frequency

  • What type of frequency would you like on the alerts (daily/monthly/weekly)?
  • What kind of severity would you like to set?
  • Any special occurrence/event which should trigger an alert?

Custom filter & group setup

  • Mapping the key metrics with the groups
  • Prepare the recipient list under each group

Receive email notifications

  • You'll receive alerts to the designated email address / groups


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