Mobile Analytics

Understanding the fastest growing marketing tool.
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Mobile Strategy

The growth in mobile usage means mobile analytics and mobile marketing needs to be a part of your mix.

As marketing offices invest more in mobile marketing, it’s important that you understand what data can be collected and how it can be used as part of your strategy.


Understanding Mobile Analytics

Datalicious can help you setup your mobile analytics services, such as Google Mobile analytics and other mobile analytics platforms.

We can also implement and maintain tag management platforms such as SuperTag or Google Tag Manager on your mobile pages. This information can be fed into our DataCollector, which feeds into our cross-channel media attribution service.

SuperTag for iOS & Android

Real-time tagging for mobile applications is made possible with the SuperTag SDK, allowing for real-time data collection as well as unlocking cross-device user identification and more powerful real-time insights for developers and marketing teams.

Marketing agility is increased by being able to deploy directly without having to submit to the App store for approval and prompting the user to update the application via push notifications.

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