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Web Analytics

Build insights to optimise your marketing with our web analytics optimisation services. Ensure data accuracy with comprehensive tagging and tracking and start generating insights that matter with our full-service web analytics services.

web analytics optimisation services

mobile analytics services

Mobile Analytics

Understanding how to optimise mobile analytics and data collection and how mobile marketing is performing in your marketing mix. The growth in mobile use means mobile marketing must be part of your marketing mix. Generate accurate mobile insights with Datalicious.

Tag Management

Tag advantage of our full-service tag management solutions and allow our trained tag management specialists to free up your marketing resources so they can focus on more important tasks. Lay the foundation for advanced marketing analytics platforms to supercharge your company’s marketing optimisation.

full service tag management solutions

data warehousing

Data Warehousing

Datalicious can help with the design and development of data warehouses including ETL process of data importing.An important part of reporting and database management, the correct data warehouse integration provides greater integrity of data with business intelligence tools and marketing strategy.

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