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Making analytics cleaner

The internet runs on tags. Tags are the implementation of web analytics in a website to track and record the actions of visitors to the webpage. It’s an essential function of effective digital marketing.

A lot of the time, marketing offices use a variety of 3rd party analytics softwares to track specific events within a website.

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Let Marketers Run Marketing

What tag management platforms do is provide users with a single environment to manage all of their 3rd party softwares, replacing a variety of tag codes with a single code that increases speed and improves data integrity.

Marketing offices can then focus on digital marketing efforts rather than technical implementation.

Tag Management

Supertag is an industry leading tag management platform that enables digital marketers to manage a wide range of digital analytics technologies through an easy to use online interface.

SuperTag delivers a significant increase in digital ROI through more advanced campaigns, in particular improved ad relevance, user experience and conversion rates.

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The P&O marketing team were able to take control of their tagging and maintenance. Time required to implement marketing strategies and campaigns was cut by 20% and added accuracy of their new data reporting system significantly reduced data verification time.

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