Telco Case Study

Delivering real-time personalisation for a Malaysian Telco using Google Cloud


Integrate customer data from a variety of sources quickly and seamlessly into a campaign management platform (CMP) to drive more value to customers.


We created a fully customised solution using Google Cloud and the Telco’s existing CMP to integrate all data into a singular, real-time view.


Our bespoke solution achieved a 50% faster data upload at half the price compared to other leading market solutions.

the background

Date: October 2020

The customer data collected by this leading Telco came from a variety of siloed sources. Although their marketing teams were using a campaign management platform (CMP) to produce, develop and distribute their digital campaigns, each team leveraged a different data set to the other. 

To improve their marketing and business outcomes, the Telco knew they needed to create a singular, more manageable view of their customer in a way that was agile and responsive to their needs. 

So, they began the search for a cost-effective solution to bring together customer data from their website, app and business intelligence platform in real-time.

the objectives

Bring customer data together across all platforms and channels

Bring customer data together across all platforms and channels
Bring customer data together across all platforms and channels

Bring customer data together across all platforms and channels

Fast data migration

Fast data migration
Fast data migration

Fast data migration

Competitive pricing

Competitive pricing
Competitive pricing

Competitive pricing

the solution

The Telco assumed they needed to invest in a new platform to achieve their objectives and had been looking into data collection platforms on the market. Datalicious demonstrated that the Telco could avoid this cost altogether by leveraging their existing marketing technology stack and the Google Cloud Platform solution.

Custom-built to the Telco’s requirements, our Google Cloud solution provides an end-to-end capability that includes data collection, data processing and can load multiple data sources via a secure API into their current CMP. At high speed, data like online behaviour and transactional information is migrated in real-time to the CMP no matter whether it originates from the Telco’s website, app or business intelligence platform database. 

If the Telco hadn’t used their existing technology infrastructure and instead invested in a new data collections platform, they would still have to find a different system for processing and analysing the data. This is where our solution using the Google marketing stack has an additional advantage, allowing data to be imported and joined in with other data, then analysed for greater business intelligence. 

the results

Datalicious created a high-speed solution at a much lower cost.

The Telco is now able to migrate their customer data 50% faster and for half the price compared to other leading market solutions.

With this fully secured real-time transfer of data into their CMP, the Telco’s marketing teams are ideally positioned to drive higher engagement throughout a customer’s lifecycle by:

  • Understanding the overall customer experience (CX) journey, behaviour, geo and demographic data for better personalisation
  • Optimising content according to customer preferences
  • Eliminating silos and increasing efficiency with better workflows
  • Enabling multi-channel, multi-market targeted communications
  • Acting on real-time feedback about how their customers and prospects are responding to their campaigns.

Find the solution to your challenge

The NZ Herald is focused on keeping Kiwis in the know and now delivering the “next best” article recommendations with our purpose-built engine, has resulted in a more relevant and engaging experience for our audiences than the previous off-the-shelf product. It was a huge collective effort between the Google News Initiative team, Datalicious and NZME to create the engine which sits at the frontier of technology, by utilising AI, machine learning and natural language processing tools. The results have been exceptional for us, unlocking deep insights on article affinity and increasing recirculation rates for audiences. We are looking forward to working with our partners to build on our success, with future iterations of the recommendation engine.

Andy Wylie - Head of Data & Analytics, NZME - 2020

Datalicious have done a fantastic job at stitching our online and offline data together using Google BigQuery. This has seen HUGE change for our business due to being able to track online leads as well as offline revenue data on tour bookings, which we couldn’t do previously. 

As a result, we're changing our business focus and hiring new candidates that specialise in content and SEO to help attribute the right channels to drive more traffic and revenue for us. 

Lina Jimeno, Business Solutions Consultant and Parth Vasoya, Web Analyst from the Datalicious team have done a great job linking multiple data sources together and helping us solve our challenge by closing the loop on data silos for our business. We couldn't be happier!

Marius Wenning - Digital Marketing Strategist, Chimu Adventures – 2019

Datalicious have been instrumental in the development of our overall website ecosystem and strategy at Cancer Council NSW. Brian Do, Technical Consultant and Parth Vasoya, Web Analyst from Datalicious have displayed true resilience in the deployment of our solutions across very complex journeys and have become an extended part of the team. Their Google expertise have enabled us to take our data capabilities to a new level and we look forward to continuing the great work.

Sarah Calderwood - Digital Marketing Manager, Cancer Council NSW - 2019

Google Analytics provides some pre-configured reports to work with, but the ability to customise and build our own reports from scratch is what allows us to gain truly valuable insights from the tool. Thankfully, Datalicious experts have taken the time to create a customised dashboard and make them available for WittyFeed. This is a huge time saver as we have got access to the reports used on a day to day basis just a click away.

Aditi Kothari - Business Development Executive, WittyFeed - 2017

The Datalicious guys are great to work alongside and to have on your team. Their ‘no stone unturned’ approach to finding solutions to challenges, their knowledge and passion for web analytics and best of breed web optimisation was second to none. Big thanks for all your help on our account and for pushing us and our agency partners to keep projects moving. 

Craig Amanti - Digital Performance Manager, Vodafone New Zealand - 2015

Awesome result! Attributed figures before and after media optimisation show a double-digit percentage increase in sales with a reduction in cost per sale at the same time.

Michael Waymouth - Media Strategy & Planning Manager, IAG - 2015

I would love to say that we increased the HI test volume from 30% to 80% because we followed your same rationale; the truth is we increased because we could see next to no volume after we ceased the SEM/PPC test. Good to know that our decision can be backed up with numbers - thanks!” 

Luke Durante - Digital Marketing Manager, Bupa Australia – 2014

Thanks to the Datalicious team for the endurance you’ve all shown to date which has delivered a fantastic outcome. Getting the code implemented with quality and delivered on time provided us with advice around the new implementation and testing. Great teamwork all around. Well done!

Seth Wibisono - Channel Manager, Bupa - 2013

Datalicious’ tag management and Digital Attribution among other vendors’ capabilities helped to enable real-time media buys in digital media channels based on Telstra’s next best offer models and real-time site data, a world first in terms of the depth of complexity and extent of real-time data integration. Datalicious went out of their way to ensure this trial could go live successfully and delivered an outstanding result.

Scott Thomson - Senior Marketing Manager, Telstra - 2013

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