Chimu Adventures

ROI of 766% in six months driven by SEO


To understand the value of Chimu's online marketing activity on offline sales.


We stitched disparate data sets together to create an accurate view of the customer journey using Google BigQuery, Google Analytics 360 and Chimu’s CRM data.


A significant outcome was the discovery of SEO as a highly effective, low-cost marketing strategy.

the background

Date: September 2019

The specialist travel company, Chimu Adventures, wanted to understand the value of their online marketing activity on offline sales.

The customer journey was fragmented across data silos, restricting their ability to track the user as they moved from online to offline. When a tour was booked on the phone or via an agent, there was no understanding or proper visibility as to which marketing channel had driven the sale.

For this first phase of the project, Datalicious was engaged to uncover which marketing channels were most effective at bringing in high-quality prospects who later converted offline and booked a tour.

the objectives



Deliver an accurate view of the customer journey.



Measure the impact of digital marketing activity on offline sales.



Optimise future media spend.

the solution

To gain an accurate and deeper view of their customer journey, Datalicious stitched Chimu’s online behavioural Google Analytics 360 data with their offline CRM sales data in BigQuery - Google’s serverless platform and highly scalable enterprise data warehouse.

Our data engineering, web analytics and consulting capabilities provided Chimu Adventures with a Google Cloud summary table that included their online and offline data combined. This data captured users who browsed online, completed an enquiry and later converted offline, which ultimately gave Chimu an accurate and clear view of the customer journey. They could now attribute the best performing channels that brought in the highest number of leads as well as resulted in actual sales.

the results

The real impact of each marketing channel on driving traffic and revenue is now understood. Through this data integration, Chimu Adventures can benefit from an accurate, clear and deeper view of the online to offline customer journey. They are well-positioned to optimise future media spend and make budget allocations based on which channels result in the most offline tour bookings.

SEO and paid search were identified as key marketing success channels for their business. For both, revenue was shown to outweigh costs, with a return on investment (ROI) of 49% from paid search and 766% from organic over the last six-months.

The significance of SEO and producing high-quality content as a highly effective strategy for driving marketing success was a valuable insight, leading to continued investment for Chimu. This also meant repositioning their business to focus their efforts on hiring new candidates that specialise in organic search and SEO so they can continue to target the right customers with the right tour offers and achieve a better ROI for their business.  ​

We continue working with Chimu Adventures, with phase two of the project focused on stitching email marketing and phone call data to better understand their efforts in lead generation and sales. In phase three, these disparate data sets will be centralised in a dashboard for easy information sharing and collaboration.

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Datalicious have done a fantastic job at stitching our online and offline data together using Google BigQuery. This has seen HUGE change for our business due to being able to track online leads as well as offline revenue data on tour bookings, which we couldn’t do previously. 

As a result, we're changing our business focus and hiring new candidates that specialise in content and SEO to help attribute the right channels to drive more traffic and revenue for us. 

Lina Jimeno, Business Solutions Consultant and Parth Vasoya, Web Analyst from the Datalicious team have done a great job linking multiple data sources together and helping us solve our challenge by closing the loop on data silos for our business. We couldn't be happier!

Marius Wenning - Digital Marketing Strategist, Chimu Adventures – 2019

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