What to expect from the Google Analytics and Salesforce integration

Google and Salesforce have announced closer integration between GA360 and Salesforce. The first phase includes integration of Salesforce Sales Cloud with Google Analytics 360 and is now available.

Cloud events and user/product attribute(s) stored within Salesforce may be imported to GA 360 with a custom import API which relies on the measurement protocol. Matching happens on client ids which must be synced, but keep in mind that this may increase hit usage.

With the built-in connection between Analytics 360 and BigQuery, Google Cloud's enterprise data warehouse, marketers can also easily move Sales Cloud data from Analytics 360 into Google Cloud to join it with other datasets and unlock BigQuery's powerful set of tools for identifying insights. The main focus is to give clients a holistic view of customer conversion paths including both online and offline touchpoints for better engagement and audience targeting.

We can expect more versions of this integration as announced by Google. Read more about the integration here. Google’s statement signals more integration in the future 

Over the next few months, we’ll be making additional Sales Cloud data available in Analytics 360, giving marketers even more intelligence.
- Google

Use cases

  • Product-specific data will make it possible to run remarketing campaigns that present cross-sell or up-sell offers to customers based on products previously ordered
  • Data predicting the likelihood of lead conversion will let marketers create audience lists of prospects who have a high likelihood of purchasing, which can be used for remarketing (to move people along the sales funnel) or prospecting.
  • Lifetime value data can be used as a diagnostic tool to provide insight into which marketing channel brings in the highest value customers

Our opinion

Datalicious believes this is an exciting opportunity for GA360 clients to discover the value of fusing their online and offline data. There are obvious benefits for Retail and Finance sectors but the scope is not limited by industry. Any business using Salesforce cloud CRM and GA360 can benefit from this integration.  There are plenty of interesting insights that can be achieved with this integration such as enhanced segmentation capabilities, better conversion management, enhanced attribution modeling and more.

Know more about the advantages of combining online and offline data from our Lead Web Analytics.


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- By Tushar Gupta, Senior Web Analyst at Datalicious