Building the OptimaHub Platform on AWS

optimahub data architecture

Amazon Web Services (AWS) conducted an interview with Datalicious CEO, Christian Bartens, and Head of Data Engineering, Kanishka Mohaia, to learn more about how we use AWS to power the OptimaHub advanced marketing and customer analytics platform.

Read the full case study on the AWS website here. Some highlights from the study:

Christian Bartens, chief executive officer and founder of Datalicious, says, “Essentially, we are trying to identify the purchase path of consumers. We have data on multiple touch points between brands and consumers, and we have to stitch that data together using technology to create each consumer’s purchase path.”
“Since transitioning to AWS, Datalicious has seen an improvement in the time it takes to deliver client data and the purchasing pathways of their consumers. “We can launch new projects for customers faster with AWS and start building purchasing pathways quicker. In addition, we now have the ability to do analytics in near-real time,” says Mohaia.
The company can also now identify individual consumer pathways in minutes when it once took days. To be able to identify each person’s purchasing pathway so quickly can give marketers an advantage, enabling them to develop marketing campaigns on-the-fly and maximize ROI.

Read the full case study on the AWS website.