The State of Marketing Attribution in Asia Pacific

This article is a reproduction of the foreword featured in the Econsultancy whitepaper “State of Marketing Attribution in Asia Pacific”.

You can download the full study here

Most marketers recognise the benefits of doing media attribution beyond the last-click, right? Surprisingly, no, or at least, they do but are incapable of action. That’s one of the key insights to come from this report, which finds that over 60% of marketers in APAC do not carry out any form of attribution, despite a clear majority recognising its importance. While it’s promising to see that the growth in cross-device, cross-channel campaigns has increased an awareness for media attribution, it would seem there’s still some way to go in filling knowledge gaps around the subject. The benefits of media attribution are clear: it allows marketers to optimise media channel mix, justify media spend and end media wastage.

Wastage in media spend has a multiplying effect on marketing performance—not only is it a measurement of inefficiency but also a grave representation of missed opportunities. And that’s not just reflecting on missed impression opportunities, but extends to conversion optimisation. Without a true understanding of media performance across channels, it is impossible to allocate media spend to better-performing channels.

This report also shows that custom media attribution is the most effective attribution model, especially when compared to first or last click attribution. If you’re still using first or last click models then your marketing team really needs to take a good look at the reasons why.

And finally, there’s still a high amount of marketers that aren’t actioning insights, and there are plenty of practical reasons why this may be—it requires creative and media agency cooperation which can’t always be guaranteed and it usually requires buy-in from the entire CMO department. It’s not an easy process to navigate but as a general industry comment, we are seeing more awareness among media agencies of the value of actioning attribution insights, so the future looks very promising.

We hope that the information in this report gives you greater insights into how marketers across APAC are responding to challenges of multichannel and cross-device campaign optimisation and how you can apply these learnings to your own media attribution journey.

Special thanks to Linus Gregoriadis and his team of analysts at Econsultancy for putting this significant research together.

In the next article, we will explore marketing attribution beyond the last click.

You can download the full study here