Internet Trends Report 2015 Edition

Mary Meeker delivered an updated Internet Trends report during the recent Code Conference.

The report is a compilation of technology statistics on everything from mobile penetration, consumer drone shipments, job markets to online demographic behaviours, backed up by great research and data visualisations; in other words, we love it.

Some of the highlights from the report:

Key Internet Trends

2.8 billion people are now connected to the internet as of 2014, increasing from 35 million 20 years ago.

Mobile phone users exploded in size from 1% globally in 1995 to 73% in 2014, with smartphone subscription at 23% but experiencing a period of relatively slow growth, attributed in part to the Chinese smartphone market reaching saturation.


Global internet usage, measured by data traffic, shows a strong growth rate going up 21% last year and mobile data traffic was up 69%. India leads the mobile e-commerce sales last year at 41% with 65% of total internet traffic coming via mobile.

Advertising & Monetisation

There is great cause to remain optimising about mobile ad spending, as print remains well over-indexed relative to the time spent. Advertisers only spent $13bn in mobile advertising last year leaving a $25 billion window of opportunity for ad spend in the US.


Online retail sales rose 9%, equalling $300 Billion in spend in 2014.

Transportation, movie tickets, food, groceries, courier delivery, and airline tickets are all available on-demand and are accessible in under an hour, which leaves traditional brick-and-mortar businesses searching for ways to compete with the convenience of e-commerce.

Vendors, Brands and Consumer Products to Watch Out For

The next marketing opportunity after video will be “buy buttons”. Online commerce will allow people to make purchases on the platforms they spend their most time on (Twitter YouTube, Facebook, Google, etc.)

What Does This Mean for Marketers

Three words. Cross device attribution. Traditionally, advertisers have relied on cookie data to credit online conversions but with the grow in multi-screen experiences, purchase path tracking presents a new challenge for marketers trying to match user data across devices.

It’s increasingly challenging for advertisers to get credible information on what is contributing to purchases as consumer activity becomes more fragmented across devices. The answer lies in building a profile for a single user across these devices.

You can view the Internet Trends Report below: