Datalicious’ Favourite Data Analytics Courses

If you have the intention of working in a data and analytics role or maybe would like to join the Datalicious team at some stage, then the below data analytics courses might come in handy. Give yourself the best chance of being hired by completing one or more of the following free training courses that the Datalicious team members go through as well. There are courses ranging from web analytics over big data to statistics and predictive modelling.



JavaScript course by Codecademy – Knowledge and proficiency in JavaScript is essential for adding tracking functionality to websites. Learn how this computer language can add rich interactions to any website and how it can be used to harness and collect data. This course is unique because it is delivered in an interactive format that helps you get used to coding in JavaScript.

Introduction to Databases by Stanford – Databases are an integral part of many online applications and analytics platforms. This course covers SQL, XML and other database technologies you will need to understand to work with large structured datasets.

Python course by Codecademy – Learn the object-orientated programming language known as Python that is often used to automate data processing. This free online course is delivered on the user-friendly Codecademy platform, and will teach you how to use Python on standalone projects or scripting applications.

Google Analytics IQ lessons by Google – These lessons prepare you for the Google Analytics IQ test and increase your working knowledge of Google Analytics. It’s no use to collect tons of data if you can’t decipher and understand what it all means. This is one of the several free analytics courses offered by Google which will make you a better website analyst.

Introduction to Data Science by University of Washington – Become a data scientist and join the data revolution. This course assumes you have some background knowledge in programming and database technologies as there will be a few programming assignments. Arm yourself with the skills required for data analytics at a professional level.

Web Intelligence and Big Data by Indian Institute of Technology Delhi – This course will take you through the process of developing applications and understanding big data sources such as social media, mobile devices and sensors. Analytics courses as in-depth and comprehensive as the “Web Intelligence and Big Data” course are hard to come by, especially without paying money.

Apache Hadoop Training by Cloudera University – Huge amounts of free training and analytics courses are available from Cloudera University, the training arm of one of the largest Hadoop vendors. We recommend the following courses: Cloudera Administrator Training for Apache Hadoop, Cloudera Apache HBase, Cloudera Training for Apache Hive and Pig, Cloudera Developer Training for Apache Hadoop and Cloudera Administrator Training for Apache Hadoop.


Data Visualisation Tutorials by Tableau Software – Various free on-demand training videos are available from Tableau Software, the market leader in data visualisation. Courses range from beginners to advanced and cover anything from data visualisation basics over table calculations to more advanced topics such custom maps.

D3.js Training – This course is for programmers, designers or data visualisers who want learn how to use the D3.js JavaScript library for data visualisation. This course is suited for people who are already fundamentally solid and confident in their programming and data visualisation abilities.

Introduction to Infographics and Data Visualisation – Although this course is written for journalist, the principles behind data visualisation offered in this course can be applied to any analytics job. The course runs through how to critique and analyse data and then how to visually represent your findings in an appealing and informative manner.

Probability and Statistics by Khanacademy – Become exposed to basic statistical and probability principles through this free online course if you want to use data to predict things. There are other online analytics courses offered by Khanacademy if you feel like participating in further study.

Introduction to Data Analysis with R – Free online training for R, which is an open-source statistics language. Useful for people looking to use this alternate piece of software instead of commercial tools such as SAS or SPSS.

Model Thinking by University of Michigan – Learn to think in models to try and understand the world around us in order to create simulations. This course assumes you are comfortable with basic algebra, as there will a lot of maths involved (check out Khanacademy if you need to polish up on those skills). Overall the course is designed to help you become a better thinker and analyst.

Machine Learning by Stanford University – Teach machines and computers to learn on their own without external factors or guidance. If you’ve ever dreamed of working on and developing AI (artificial intelligence), this is the course for you.

Now book yourself into one of the above and don’t forget to apply for a job at Datalicious once you have completed a course!