Analysing Sitecore Web Analytics Data in Tableau

Ever wondered what kind of data WCM (Web Content Management) systems collect on individual visitors? Well, usually not much (or not in a readily accessible format anyway) but SiteCore is the exception! 

SiteCore stores all campaign response and visitor behaviour in a MS SQL database that can easily be accessed using standard BI tools such as Tableau. Have a look at the below video to see just how easy it is to connect to the database in order to create custom reports and interactive dashboards from your web analytics data.

The custom dashboard you can see in the video is unfortunately too big for Tableau public so we can only show you some screen shots in this post. However, please contact us if you”re a SiteCore customer or thinking about becoming one and are interested in using Tableau as a reporting solution. 

Just in case you are wondering, SiteCore and Tableau probably can”t replace your current web analytics platform but there”s a lot of other funky stuff you can do with the raw SiteCore data, especially if you use Tableau to combine it with other additional data sources such as your CRM or call center data.