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Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is a process that creates a statistical model of future behaviour. It’s an area of data mining concerned with forecasting probabilities and market trends. Our predictive analytics services can be used for a variety of applications, from product suggestions to customer acquisition and retention.

predictive analytics to reduce customer churn

ecommerce analytics and online conversion optimisation

Process & Cart Abandonment

As part of our audit and recommendations, our analytics can work with creative teams to develop strategies and supercharging conversions and customer engagement. Our analysts can help you with Google Analytics, SiteCatalyst, and Google Analytics Premium for advanced Ecommerce tracking and recommend tag management to help streamline the implementation process.

CRM & Marketing Automation

Datalicious provides a full service from data analysis and segmentation for campaign creation to technical implementation and integration into existing client platforms. By integrating CRM and marketing automation softwares, marketers can deliver relevant and targeted 1:1 campaigns. It offers the ability to design and test experiences in real-time to maintain campaign relevance.

crm and marketing automation for targeted messaging

data warehousing

Testing & Optimisation

Utilising a combination of both analytics and testing/optimisation programs, we’re able to determine what needs to be optimised (campaigns, pages, etc.) and implement ongoing optimisation of campaigns by testing and altering campaign features based on test results.

Media Attribution

Media attribution allows businesses to give a value to every single touch point leading to the purchase. From social and email to paid advertising and direct site visits. Understanding how your customer purchases can lead to better marketing spend and more targeted campaigns.

optimise media spend with media attribution

media mix modelling

Media Mix Modelling

Media mix modelling allows us to predict future sales using a media model based on historical media investment data. Teams can find the best investment levels to meet various strategic and tactical objectives by predicting potential sales for various media budget scenarios.

Customer Segmentation

A lot of the money spent on marketing campaigns gets wasted due to poor demographic segmentation. Our Insights team plan, research and implement a segmentation strategy that will more accurately identify your consumers, allowing you to allocate your resources more appropriately across your consumer demographics and marketing mix.

power customer insights with customer segmentation

media mix modelling

Cross Channel Targeting

Digital marketing is about relevance. Cross channel targeting is all about getting the right message to the right person at the right time. If we don’t know who site visitors are we can only base our insights on anonymous user behaviour and converse with all users the same.

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