CRM & Marketing Automation

Deliver targeted and relevant campaign messaging
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Increase Value of CRM Data

Datalicious provides a full service from data analysis and segmentation for campaign creation to technical implementation and integration into existing client platforms.

CRM software such as Salesforce can streamline business processes and provide real-time visibility into team activities to make accurate sales forecasts and manage customer information

crm and marketing automation

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation software like ExactTarget allows for the mapping of customer journeys and matching this with automated program events based on clicks, opens, keywords, and other customer interactions.

By integrating CRM and marketing automation softwares, marketers can deliver relevant and targeted 1:1 campaigns. It offers the ability to design and test experiences in real-time to maintain campaign relevance.

Reckitt Benckiser CRM strategy and system integration designed to use existing customer data across web, social and retail to deliver enhanced multi-channel insights and boost the effectiveness of marketing programs. .

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