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What we do

Our aim is to make marketing effectiveness predictable and indisputable, with a universal goal to improve the brand experience for our clients' customers.

Action Oriented & Independent

Our consulting alongside implementation services focus on affecting practical changes. Datalicious has no incentive to recommend one particular media inventory over another.

Custom models & MMM integration

State of the art Markov chain modelling techniques for media attribution calibrated to your business model and reflective of your customer journey - can be fine tuned and integrated with existing Media Mix Modelling or MMM provided by Datalicious.

Complex customer journey experience

Historical client successes with many and varied points of customer contact that drive purchases.

Cross-publisher & Cross-browser

See results from multiple publishers and devices in the same measurement framework.

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Our Services

Through the innovative use of proprietary and partner technology platforms, we cover areas ranging from marketing attribution and web analytics to data engineering, data science and software development. In addition to consulting and services, our product offering includes OptimaHub for Media Attribution and MMM, as well as the licensing and support of the Google Marketing Platform.

Google Marketing Platform

We support the end-to-end integration of advertising and customer data through Google's powerful Marketing Platform. Our experience ranges from technical implementation to strategic consultancy and training.

Media Attribution

Tactical approaches to optimizing digital media spend and campaigns using Markov chains with Monte Carlo simulations. Over 10 years of tag management experience helps ensure all possible touch points are covered.

Media Mix Modelling

Using time-series techniques as well as machine learning for long-range understanding, including the contribution of brand equity and the effects of seasonality. Results are fed into media attribution, to assess the true incremental effect of digital.

Consulting & Services

Actionability is our mantra. The application of insights to decision making, as well as managing the change and transformation that is required is what our consultants, supported by data science and engineering teams, thrive on.

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Our Clients

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We thrive on constantly learning and jumping at challenging projects that provide the opportunity for our team to innovate and grow.


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