OptimaHub MediaAttribution

Attribute conversions across channels

  1. Develop highly accurate and flexible custom attribution models.
  2. Use attribution insights to make informed media spend decisions.
  3. Covers wide range of purchase path touch points: web, mobile, phone, social.

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Media Optimisation

Eliminate the use of inaccurate ‘last click’ attribution with OptimaHub MediaAttribution. Advertisers can use this tool to get an accurate marketing ROI across all channels and to optimise media spend accordingly.

Custom Attribution Modelling

Attribution modelling can include any relevant online or offline media and tracks every touchpoint in the customers path to conversion. The models are built based on your data, use your business rules for counting conversions and can be customised to meet any additional requirements.

Insights Across Channels With OptimaHub

Get insights on performance for any online channel using custom tags. The tool can generate an ROI down to publisher, placement and creative level including display, social, video and mobile activity. Affiliate networks can track and attribute conversions from partner sites.