Our mission is to work with organisations to deliver smart data driven marketing campaigns.

At Datalicious, we’re a small but growing team who love data and bring unique skills from our own backgrounds. We’ve never been about finding the one person who can do everything. We’ve built a team of experts in different areas, creating a successful and fun data agency.

We also put our team through study courses. Nothing is more important to our organisation than continued learning and applied knowledge.

Want to join the Datalicious team? Check out our current vacancies below.

Digital Relationship Manager, Sydney

Workflow Coordinator, Sydney

Digital Sales Engineer, Bangalore

Digital Sales Support, Bangalore

Mobile iOS Developer, Bangalore

Account Director, Indonesia

Full Stack PHP Developer, Bangalore

QA Developer, Bangalore

Front End Developer, Bangalore

JavaScript Developer, Bangalore

Marketing Analyst, Bangalore

Digital Marketing Manager, Bangalore

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