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Google Brings Adometry Into Google Analytics Premium Services

Google boosts media attribution service offerings under Google Analytics Premium. On May 7, Google announced that it had acquired advertising and media attribution company Adometry. First reported in the Wall Street Journal, the move sees Google improve its attribution service offerings under the Google Analytics Premium suite of products and tools. Media attribution with Datalicious […]

Pay Per Click Optimisation Using DoubleClick With SuperTag

Implementing DoubleClick Floodlight tags became easier with our SuperTag integration.   Google’s DoubleClick is a digital advertising solution for buyers, sellers and creators. It creates business for Google through ad-serving and ad-delivery. DoubleClick also features behavioural targeting parameters that allows for: targeting to one website owner, where an online publisher can set a DoubleClick cookie […]

How To Setup Advanced Content Tracking With Google Analytics

A simple include to your Google Analytics script can improve your content strategy. Google Analytics has become ubiquitous with web analytics. While default content tracking setup is fairly simple, the data and insights it provides can be invaluable (assuming you’ve set defined goals and understand how the metrics work and which ones matter). The standard […]