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Find out how Splunk is powering the OptimaHub Single Customer View

Explore the Splunk technology behind the OptimaHub. In May we unveiled the OptimaHub Single Customer View app, developed by Datalicious and Katana1, at the Splunk APAC Summit in China. At that event we ended up finishing a close second in the audience awards; an achievement we were very proud of as we presented a marketing-focused […]

Top Tools for Data Research & Building Insights

Finding the right tools for data research and how to get insights from the research. Data! Big Data! It’s everywhere! Everyone’s talking about data. Big data is producing big results. Kids will want to be data scientists instead of doctors. It’s a fascinating landscape to work in with data innovation happening on a daily basis. […]

Digital Marketing Brands And Agencies Fail At Data And Analytics

Digital marketing organisations know data and analytics… Really? Despite increased budget resources to digital marketing strategy, platforms and channels, actual skill levels to execute digital marketing programs do not exist outside of digital teams. That’s the latest from Digital Chameleon‘s 2014 Digital IQ Index released yesterday, which conducted a digital skills assessment of participants in […]

SuperTag Tag Library Update: Monetate & Mixpanel

The integration of SuperTag with StatCounter and Criteo make up this week’s Friday Release. Both integrations can be now accessed in your SuperTag library.   What is Mixpanel? Mixpanel is the most advanced analytics platform for mobile & web. Instead of measuring pageviews, it helps you analyse the actions users take within your application. An […]