Datalicious’ media attribution helps Telstra win Silver Effie for always on digital platform


Congratulations to our client Telstra and our partner agencies OMD & DDB on taking home a Silver Effie in the category of ‘Digital Platforms’. 

Telstra’s “Always-On” platform uses data-intelligence to identify audience segments, applies customer-centric planning in its creative delivery & media attribution modelling to optimise sales.

The platform uses:

  • Datalicious’ tracking technology SuperTag to identify the audience on
  • We manage the segmentation in partnership with OMD that allows targeted creative to be served to the individual.
  • A/B testing of creative is then used by DDB at each stage of the customer journey to maximise conversions.
  • The Always On program also uses Datalicious’ customised attribution modelling to optimise sales performance. 

This work is a great example of a client using a smart, data-centric approach to deliver effective advertising at a reduced ROI at scale. We’re incredibly proud to be a part of the team and this program.

This is the second year in a row Datalicious has helped one of our clients achieve an Effie in this category. Let us know if you want to partner up next year – we’re keen!

Here is a link to the awards page and case study