Australian marketing industry officially launches online behavioural targeting best practice guideline

ADMA just launched the Australian Best Practice Guideline for Online Behavioural Advertising below last week in close cooperation with pretty much all major industry associations and publishers. 

The move is designed to show that the Australian industry is able to regulate itself in the hope of increasing consumer trust in this form of online advertising as well as to avoid potentially damaging regulation.

One key distinction that is being made in the document, is that the guidelines only apply to 3rd party behavioural analytics and targeting across unrelated online properties but not to the standard and much more common 1st party web analytics and re-targeting on your own online properties. In other words, tracking people across unrelated websites to build a profile on their interests by publishers will be regulated from now on, however tracking and re-targeting prospects and customers on your own websites is still covered through your standard privacy policy and not impacted at all. 

Visit the article on the ADMA website for more information or come along to the ADMA Cloud Computing breakfast this Friday morning in Sydney for a chance to ask Brendan O’Connor, Minister for Privacy and Freedom of Information, about his take on the guidelines.