Slides on media attribution data and its impact on media planning from Mediamind roadshow event


Below are the slides on multi-channel media attribution data and its impact on media planning from yesterday’s presentation at the Mediamind roadshow event in Sydney.

For those of you who didn’t take any notes here is a short summary of the key points.

  • Media attribution starts with de-duplication of conversions
  • Effective de-duplication requires a central analytics platform
  • Depending on channels this can be an ad server or web analytics
  • It is crucial to record all paid and organic campaign touch points
  • Be creative about how to track responses from offline channels
  • Classify touch points as introducers, influencers and closers
  • Allocate conversion credits according to campaign goals
  • If building brand awareness then give more credit to introducers
  • If direct response then give more credit to closing channels 
  • Media attribution market leader is US company ClearSaleing
  • But media attribution can also be done with free platforms

Contact us if you have any questions or read our recent blog post on how to stop misallocating media budgets using multi-channel media attribution with Google Analytics.