Ad:Tech interview on paid vs. free web analytics and the keys keys to a successful data strategy


Leading up to our session at ad:tech in Sydney this year, Jennie Williams from Ideagarden recently interviewed me on my thoughts regarding paid vs. free web analytics platforms and the keys to a successful data strategy. Have a look at the short video below if the following questions sound interesting to you.

  • Data is coming to the top of the agenda for many marketers, why is that?
  • What are the key challenges in achieving a great data management plan?
  • How should marketers go about deciding between paid vs. free analytics tools?

For more information on the upcoming ad:tech session content visit the official ad:tech website or read our earlier blog post announcing the session panelists.

Below are two of our key slides to further explain what I’m talking about in the interview. Part of Datalicious’s service proposition is about A) helping companies to determine what their data can be used for at different stages of the customer life cycle (or the customer data journey as we call it)

A) The customer data journey


as well as B) helping companies to move through the different stages of their corporate data journey and the resulting changes in technology, resources and processes requirements.

B) The corporate data journey


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