Google Ad Planner gets some love

I love how every couple of months Google turns it up and adds some new funk, very useful funk to it’s suite of free insight and planning tools. And the most recent update is no different. From an ease of use perspective clearly number 1, and becoming a real challenger to premium market research products from the likes of Neilsen and Hitwise. The great thing, this kind of rich data is no longer exclusive to those advertisers that can afford to sign long term expensive contracts and it is free for whoever wants to start learning a little more about their audience and target market’s behaviour online. One of the unique advantages of the Google Ad Planner is the ability to incorporate search data – key behavioural data – into the technology lets you find quite specific audiences. With people searching an average of 200+ times per month, certainly this can add some massive value to the segments and quality of insights returned.  So what’s new in Google Ad Planner new release? Rich charting function within the Audience section, let’s you identify sites that match the profile quickly and easy based on reach and composition index. This used to take me hours in excel to make look this good!
Other features added to Google Ad Planner is the ability to search by sub-domain, and ability for publishers to opt-in additional publisher shared Google Analytics metrics so we get panel based data and real data There’s also a webinar coming up, please contact me for some details. More details can be found at