10 People You Won’t See on Twitter Anymore

packing supplies
packing supplies

This weekTwitter announced changes to its Terms of Service spelling out that you own your Tweets, and that Twitter can place ads next to your content. What’s more, Twitter wants to crack down on spammers, bots and other bad behavior.

The refreshed Twitter Rules that are a part of the new Terms of Service spell out a number of different reasons why you may find your Twitter account terminated. Everything from inappropriate content and squatting to selling usernames could be cause for you to get the boot.

Upon closer look we noticed that Twitter is closing the curtain on at least 10 types of Twitter users we see regularly attempt to game the service. Here are the 10 people we won’t be hearing from anymore:

1. The Impersonator
2. The Bot
3. The Naked Chick
4. The Serial Abuser
5. The Squatter
6. The Slimy Salesman
7. The Hashtag Spammer
8. The Plagiarizer
9. The Über Oversharer or Bully
10. The Faker

Turns out changes to the Twitter Terms of Service will result in a better Tweeting experience all round and, states that Twitter can now place an ad next to you content. This was facilitated by a 265% increase on the size of the document, from a mere 736 words to 2,686 words! Still pretty small if you ask me!

Check out the full article at: http://mashable.com/2009/09/13/twitter-spammers/#